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The Musicians

Lara Garner

Lara Garner, the founding member of Celtic Sands, is versatile as both a folk and classical musician. She plays Celtic harp, tin whistle, Irish flute, recorder and bodhran and is a classically-trained pianist. She has performed in pubs, restaurants, concert halls, churches, castles, cathedrals, gardens, and stately homes. She has lived and performed in both Paris and Rome. As a pianist, Lara has played the major piano chamber music repertoire and is the founding member of the Amethyst Trio, Trio Con Spirito & Klezmerama. She has also played many stage shows both locally and in Europe. She also writes her own original music. Lara taught herself to play the harp after a series of persistent dreams in which she heard and saw herself playing the harp.

Alina Polonskaya

Originally from Ukraine, Alina is an accomplished classical violinist who has played all over the Bay Area. Alina's passion for fiddling has led her to pursue different genres of folk music, including the eclectic folk/rock/trad Irish mix of Celtic Sands. Alina has been playing with Celtic Sands for the past two years after fiddler Ben Roberts left the Bay Area. She brings a full and luscious tone to the sound of the group, adding intricate improvisation and beautiful harmonies.

Dave Sahn

Dave plays all styles of folk music - including Irish, Scottish, American and Old-Timey. As a local session player, Dave can be found at many of the Irish sessions in the Bay Area on a regular basis. He brings a great love of folk music and an expertise in Irish guitar to Celtic Sands. Dave also sings nicely, so the others tend to put up with his quirky nature and inscrutable jokes.

Torin Martinez

As the newest member of Celtic Sands, Torin is originally from Half-Moon Bay, and now lives in San Francisco. He plays up a storm on both acoustic and electric guitars, including bass, all over the Bay Area. As a graduate of the prestigious Berklee Music School in Boston, Torin is equally at home with folk, jazz, rock and R&B. His rhythms are fast and exciting, perfectly suited for Irish-style guitar, and his choice of chords adds a contemporary, jazzy feel to the traditional sound of Celtic music.

The Singers

Greg DeLaune

Greg is a self-taught guitarist, vocalist, and song writer originally from New Orleans. While he has practically no formal musical training, his Louisiana heritage and extensive world travel have fed his voracious musical curiosities and deeply influenced his love of lyrical folk and folk-rock music. When he is not singing, Greg organizes and hosts regular music events at his home, building community around his the love of music, while engaging with and learning from the rich mix of talented musicians in the Bay Area.

Tricia Callero

Tricia has a pure and ethereal voice, uniquely suited for celtic music. She is an actress as well as a celtic singer and has been performing for the last 10 years with the Spindrift Theater in Pacifica. She has performed in shows such as Camelot and Sweeney Todd. She has been the Miss Pacifica for several years in a row at the Pacifica FogFest, when she dons her striking mermaid costume. Tricia first sang with Celtic Sands way back in 2006 at "The Castle" in Pacifica.